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Archivo de August de 2010



IF: immovable

27 Aug 2010

EN ~ Godo would like to be as immovable as his brother. * * * ES ~ Godo quisiera ser tan inconmovible como su hermano.

Una más para Golf Canada

21 Aug 2010

EN ~ Yay! I finally got the Golf Canada Magazine issue I was waiting for! Check on pages 60-61 my latest illustration for the French edition. I found this story very funny. It’s about Jacques Beauchamp, the guy who during the 60s & 70s directed the sport section in Montreal’s magazines. Let’s just say three [...]

IF: atmosphere

20 Aug 2010

EN ~ For us to survive, our planet’s atmosphere needs lots of TLC. Luckily, the Earth is strong enough to go way further than us. * * * ES ~ Para nuestra supervivencia, la atmósfera de nuestro planeta necesita mucho cariño. Felizmente, la Tierra es lo suficientemente fuerte como para ir mucho más lejos que [...]

IF: star gazing

13 Aug 2010

EN ~ —You can see lots of stars where there are no buildings! Said Godo to his little baby boy. * * * ES ~ —¡Puedes ver montones de estrellas donde no hay edificios! Le dijo Godo a su mini Godo.

IF: caged

6 Aug 2010

EN ~ Caged? Not anymore! ♫ * * * ES ~ ¿Enjaulado? ¡Nunca más! ♫

Easy Peasy No Knead Bread

2 Aug 2010

EN ~ For those who love a good slice of fresh hot bread, but don’t like kneading, this is the perfect recipe. I just tried Michael Smith’s no knead country bread and let me tell you this: Mmmm mmm mmm! There is a no knead white bread recipe as well. I need to try that [...]

I Love Social Media ~ icons

1 Aug 2010

EN ~ Here. I made some vector icons for those who love social media and are proud to say it. They are free to download (.eps file) and use for personal and commercial purposes. Available on light and dark background. Enjoy! *** ES ~ Hice algunos iconos vectoriales para aquellos que aman las redes sociales [...]