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Archivo de la categoría "dibujo"



Sam ~ 10/100D

27 Sep 2010

EN~ I just can’t believe that he’s started pulling himself up with the crib bars. * * * ES ~ Me cuesta creer que ya ha comenzado a levantarse apoyándose en los barrotes de su cuna.

Sam ~ 9/100D

26 Sep 2010

EN ~ Autumn is here, so nights come earlier. Sam’s bedroom was almost completely dark when I decided to grab my pencils. Although I could barely see him and the paper, I like the way it came out. ES ~ El otoño llegó y con él comenzó a anochecer más temprano. El cuarto de Sam [...]

Sam ~ 8/100D

23 Sep 2010

EN ~ Neither I know when the inspiration can come and get me, nor I know if my model will allow me to finish what he made me do. * * * ES ~ Ni sé cuándo la inspiración puede aparecer y atraparme, ni sé si mi modelo me dejará terminar lo que empecé por [...]

Sam ~ 7/100D

21 Sep 2010

EN ~ I wish I could show you how beautiful he looks while breastfeeding. It’s such a tender moment, specially when he is ready for sleeping time. I definitely need to improve the way to express what I feel. * * * ES ~ Me gustaría poder mostrarte lo lindo que luce mientras lo amamanto. [...]

Sam ~ 6/100D

20 Sep 2010

EN ~ Good thing I started this with time enough to have some days off! I haven’t grabbed a pencil in almost a week now. It was for a good cause, though; I’ve been taking lots of pictures for l’Atelier and finally, I got not only one but three photos in Explore! This is my [...]

Sam ~ 5/100D

13 Sep 2010

EN ~ He’s ridiculously flexible and now that he’s getting stronger he’s even chasing toys like a pro! * * * ES ~ No deja de asombrarme lo flexible que es y ahora que tiene más control sobre su cuerpo es capaz de perseguir juguetes como todo un profesional ;)

Sam ~ 4/100D

12 Sep 2010

EN ~ I took a couple of days off so I could do other things I love. One of them was writing this post and the other one is participating in l’Atelier — such a terrific photography workshop online! Meanwhile, Samuel’s been my model and my favorite toy, as usual. I’m so proud he can [...]

Sam ~ 3/100D

9 Sep 2010

EN ~ Ok. It doesn’t look like him. His face is too long and that makes him look older. I struggled hardly trying to do this sketch work, though. I didn’t know how much I needed something like this. My pencils too are out of shape! p.s. Funny thing is that he likes carrots, but [...]

Sam ~ 2/100D

8 Sep 2010

EN ~ When I was a teenager I used to babysit my nieces and nephews. Back then, I loved drawing them in their napping time, because it was the only moment they were quiet enough for me to try. I recalled those moments today when I sat near to Sam’s crib while he was sleeping… [...]

Sam ~ 100D

7 Sep 2010

EN ~ Last night I realized that I have about 100 days left of my maternity leave. 100 days or so, all these sublime mornings taking long naps and these gorgeous afternoons walking around with Samuel will be over. That and the fact that I haven’t portrayed my baby boy —until now— made me start [...]